Friday, July 20, 2012

MIA Bike Night!

 I wasn't formally invited as a frame builder, but I did stop in (and sneak the Maiden Voyage in) to see what the local builders have been up to. here's a little gallery from A-Train, Wyganowski, Speedhound, Peacock Groove:

We also had a little HUB tent to to quick safety checks and small adjustments./repairs, and Tick brought Tipsy Bike out to blast some jams. Good conversations and lots of hot bikes, we took to the streets as Tipsy blasted jams down Franklin Ave to our destination for wooden nickel night and jams on the sidewalk!
This year was fun, but next year I hope for an Alley Cat beforehand and movies again (last year's movies were awesome) See ya next time!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Roody and Anna's NE tour

I will soon be publishing a post about Roody, Anna, and Brody's epic NE tour with the bike and trailer we built! As a fair warning, the few pictures I've seen so far are enough to make me jealous...