Friday, November 14, 2014

David's 29er+ #2: How to Build a Full Custom Oversized Plus Frameset in Four Days

How to Build a Bike in 4 Days:
This was the second, and final, attempt at nailing down a the perfect frame with David's custom geometry and 3.0 Knards. It was a big (sic) challenge, but given the outcome of the last frame (BB too high and TT too short) and I had my reservations on the final product. Alas, I actually had the privileged to ride it yesterday, and it feels perfect. David commented that it rode so smooth on the road that it felt like a road bike. That was the idea! I'm stoked.

Since the first frame was off (it will actually fit me perfect 26" winter tires, more later...) I had to push to get this into the painter s soon as possible. With the last of the parts coming in on Thursday and the painter scheduled for Monday, that meant 4 days to put the whole thing together, start to finish.

Day 1: Pulled out the drawing sheet and rough cut all the tubes. Laid out the master drawing and
mitered the main triangle, with the help of the new tube notching clamp I picked up on sale. I also mitered out the chain stays and fork blades, mostly by hand, with a little help from the mill. Once everything fit together properly, I tacked it in the jig and welded most of the front triangle and fork.

Day 2: Worked on the rear Triangle, cutting, mitering, tacking, checking, and welding it all together. Given the complex geometry from the oversized tires and spacing, this took lots of measuring three times and mocking up tire clearances and spacing. But, It turned out great!

Day 3: Finished welding the fork joints,
and disc tab. Mitered bridges,
created the custom dog leash loop,
welded them in, then marked and cut all of the braze-ons.

Day 4: Brazed in all of the accessories; front and rear rack, fender, bottle and cable mounts, cleaned up the joints, and checked final alignment. All within tolerance. Tapped in the serial number. DONE!

November Shop Update; New posts to come!

Now that David Meyer's Custom Icebreaker 29er+ is finished and on the road, and AK's fork is finished and painted, it is officially 'catch up on blog posts' day. I'll do a post on AK's track fork build start to finish, and David's "How to build a complete oversized plus frameset in four days". Then probably a Fall/Winter Queue and Specials update. More to come..!

Friday, November 7, 2014

AK's 'Dirty Gold' Track Fork

Building AK's fork
   Designed for a 700c x 25 track style for a 2008 Giant Bowery. I used chromoly blades, a 1/8 steer tube and plug style dropouts from Nova. Everything went together really well, and, it was really fun working with those tight clearances.

Here are some shots of AK's fork after paint. AK picked the 'dirty gold' color. I love it.

Of course I had ran out get coffee right before she stopped in to pick it up!
painted by AP Paints

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Sale! 26/27.5/29er+ Frameset Sale! $1000 w/ Paint!

Made with the

ZONA OS MTB TUBESET with Slider Disc Dropouts

Frame options:
frame size options: 46-60cm frame
tire size options: 26x2-3", 27.5x2-3", 29x2-3"
bottom bracket options: 68mm or 73mm

custom fitting & geometry
to match your body and riding style
& custom powdercoat
only $1000!!

to set up a fitting and designing appointment
email blackshipcycles at gmail dot com

order must be placed by or on December 3rd
to get this low pricing passed on from

nova cycle supply