Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jams Trailer pt 3: Custom Dropouts Tacked

  Although customizing gives room for artistic freedom, I decided that I had to make the dropouts simple, in keeping with the straight-forward, heavy duty, utilitarian style of the trailer; i.e. simple and sturdy matches the aesthetic.

   I handcrafted the custom heavy duty dropouts out of a high carbon cold rolled 1018 5/16" rod stock steel, and tacked them in. It took a lot of heat to get those to melt, but they are taking well. Next I'll run the finish welds and drill the hitch arm out for bolts.

   We still haven't decided on the final paint job, but that should come this weekend. stay tuned...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jams Trailer Pt. 2

    Most of the welds are done, the next steps are to cut drill out and bolt on the hitch arm, and get some 1018 steel and cut some custom dropouts.
   We're debating powder coat or spray lacquer, depending on what fits in the budget. stay tuned for custom dropouts and painting..!