Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back In Action - Jamison's bed trailer - Part 1

   The weather is finally cooperating with spring, and that means the shop is once again bearable to work in. I've been hitting it hard this weekend breaking in the new heavy duty tube bender.
   These tubes will soon be a trailer/cart for Jameson. We spent the winter months biking through feet of snow to meet up and draw out the design, and its mostly ready to put together. It'll be similar to his original trailer, which he brought to me in pieces, but stronger and more durable to stand up to months of summer touring in all terrains.
  The original was an aluminum 1" square frame (cracked) with an aluminum bed and 16" (bent) thru axle 'cart' style wheels. The new custom one will be the same size, built tough with 1" steel tubing, reusing the aluminum bed, and converting the frame to duo dropouts to accommodate heavy duty bolt on 20" ryno lite bolt on wheels. the hitch? stay tuned..!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Natalie and the baby are out of town through the weekend, so I'll be doing a Black Ship Crafts & Cycles retreat! If you want to help with and learn to: bend & weld metal tubing, build a bike cart, leather work with bike tubes, etc hit me up via FB, email, call or txt (due to limited space, fcfs)

26 Fri 12-5
27 Sat 9-1
28 Sun 9-1
29 Mon 10-3