Friday, January 24, 2014

Setting up shop: Jamison's Framebuild #1

Alas, some crude shots of mitering and filing the tubes for Jamison's South Side Single Speed:

Finally, a heated space to work in the winter! I'm stoked to be working with Alex of Prairie Crow; he's mastering the torch, and doing a great job of it from what I can see.

The mill is set up for mitering tubes at a good pace, and the jig helps with putting everything together. Starting with the seat tube, the whole front triangle is mitered and fit together. The next step steps are to miter and fit the rear triangle, shore up the head and seat tubes, then drill some breather holes before welding.

We are working out of the Real Resources building next to the Midtown Greenway and Brackett park in S. MPLS. Feel free to email or call to set up a visit or appointment for designing yer next bike!