Sunday, August 17, 2014

David's Frame - Part 1 Mitering and Tacking

Just a few pics of putting together the fork and frame for David's Knardtastic 3point0 29er Frostline Icebreaker

Fat bike? Not necessarily. Big, yes. Very big.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Raliegh Repair Pics

 This beautiful Raleigh Team USA frame came in with both seat stays cracked at the the cap.

There wasn't any separation or other damage so we opted for a simple crack repair operation.

 I started by filing a ridge into the crack to see how bad it was, and to prep it for taking new metal.

 Then I roughed up the weld area and removed paint from the heat zone.
Then the other side.

Next, I ran a bead on both sides, digging in to not only repair the crack, but also to add a little extra metal, is it would now be a weak point in the structure.
Finally, I finished it off by carefully sanding it to shape and polishing it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't re-stamp the letters!

This type of repair should last a good while under normal conditions and usage, and it comes with a discounted cap replacement if it doesn't hold up.

The bike is a bold solid red Team USA, but my camera setting made it look pink..!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Painted Frame Pics: Maiden Voyage and Dancer

The Maiden Voyage BB Shell
The Maiden Voyage
The Maiden Voyage
The Maiden Voyage Rear Dropouts

The Maiden Voyage 52cm Adventure Frame & Forks Pre-Decals

Dancer with wheels

Dancer Rear Dropout

Dancer Frame
Dancer Front Frame

Dancer 46cm Urban Track Frame for Jamison

Much thanks to AP Paints!!