Friday, July 12, 2013

Jamison's Trailer: Painted and ready to go!

   Jamison brought me a trailer much like the one you see here except it was broken, rust stained, and just plain worn-out. The hitch was busted, the welds were separating, and the wheels were shot. He asked me if I could build him a custom trailer that was similar, yet could stand up to an urban beating and an extended cross country tour. I said let's do it.
   We spent awhile mulling over the details and finally put together a heavy-duty steel frame,  complete with hand cut 1018 steel dropout and stainless steel hardware, suitable for both. The wheels were custom built at the HUB Bike Co-op by Toast; super heavy duty Sun Ryno Lite rims with super low resistance hubs.
   The trailer is fairly heavy weight wise, but it floats like a feather.  It uses a Burley square tube flex fitting and is currently attached to a classic Burley triangle hitch.
   We may add a middle support for gear or a couple of light mounts and bungee hooks, but this is the completed basic frame. I will certainly post pictures of any mods.
   Interested in a custom trailer for yourself?